Collected Papers on Trajectory Equifinality Approach

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著者:Tatsuya Sato(サトウタツヤ)著
発行日: 2017年3月31日
体裁: A5判並製256頁
ISBN: 978-4-908736-03-2



Part 1 Chronogenesis: Introduction to TEM
Chapter 1 Time in Life and Life in Time: Between Experiencing and Accounting
Part 2 Emergence of TEM
Chapter 2 Minding Money: How Understanding of Value is Culturally Promoted
Chapter 3 Development, Change or Transformation: How can Psychology Conceive and Depict Professional Identify Construction?
Chapter 4 Beyond Dichotomy: Towards Creative Synthesis
Part 3 Development of TEM
Chapter 5 Sampling Reconsidered: Idiographic Science and the Analyses of Personal Life Trajectories
Chapter 6 Depicting the Dynamics of Living the Life: The Trajectory Equifinality Model
Chapter 7 The Authentic Culture of Living Well: Pathways to Psychological Well-Being
Appendix 1 Historically Structured Sampling (HSS): How can Psychology's Methodology Become Tuned in to the Reality of the Historical Nature of Cultural Psychology?
Appendix 2 Brief Practice for Using Trajectory Equifinality Model (TEM): As a General Tool for Understanding the Human Life Course within Irreversible Time

Tatsuya Sato(サトウタツヤ)
Professor, College of Comprehensive Psychology Ritsumeikan University. Executive Director, Division of General Planning and Development The Ritsumeikan Trust. Ph.D. (Tohoku University, 2002).